Project changes affect everything.

For a project controls professional, managing and incorporating a project change means refactoring just about every management system on the project including the estimate, baseline, schedule, project cost worksheet, and your forecast.

According to a study on capital project delivery by Accenture:

"Just 15% of projects are being completed on their original completion date."

This statistic doesn't mean that we are all terrible schedulers. In fact, just by the mere ability to compile a statistic like that ensures that most projects have a schedule. What it does say is that change orders are one of the root causes of project delay and when unmanaged, the impact can be detrimental.

  • Lost project controls hours
  • Decreased productivity
  • Strained contractor relationships
  • Exposure to claims
  • Liquidated damages
  • Unmanaged client expectations
  • Risk to reputation

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Like all processes in project controls, change management should be predefined before the project is started because we know 85% of projects will have changes and your software system should manage and drive that process through its entire lifecycle.

PRISM G2 is an integrated cost management solution that effectively loads cost, schedule and resource data into a well-built integrated baseline. Its workflow-driven change management capabilities place you back in control of any changes and will inform the project team of the impacts. It is the number one project change management solution due to powerful features including:

  • Customizable workflow engine to mirror your change management process.
  • Conditional change order approval processes that adapt based on change order amount and signing discretion.
  • Impact analysis to inform the team what activities need to be expedited and which to be delayed to accommodate the change.
  • Contingency management capability to utilize funds if necessary.
  • Complete, auditable change report so you get paid for owner-driven changes.
  • And more!

Dealing with a change order can be difficult and create chaos, but with PRISM G2, you’ll not only handle the change, you’ll master its lifecycle and deliver a successful project. It’s time to master the change management process! 



Master Change Management

Watch an On-Demand Webinar

Learn the best practices on managing change on your project through this Change Management webinar.  We will discuss the complete change management progress including the initial question, review, negotiation and final approvals.

Learn how to create configurable workflows based on type of change, control account, and approval authority.