Upcoming Webinar:
"Project Portfolio & The Resilience of Organisations During Uncertain Times"

Thursday, 19 November 2020

9:00am AEST - Brisbane

This live webinar will feature Dr Saeed Shalbafan of Ontoit and Iulia Amariei of ARES PRISM as they discuss the importance of project portfolio management. This webinar will highlight the role of project portfolio in multiple projects across the organisation, and how technology can boost the resilience of an organisation especially during these uncertain times.

Dr Saeed Shalbafan, Academic Scholar &
Director at Ontoit

A respected scholar with over 20 years experience as an engineer and senior manager, executing complex projects within manufacturing and mega-infrastructure projects. Dr Shalbafan also has a doctoral research in project portfolio management and is a certified PMP member of the Project Management Institute. Today, Dr Shalbafan acts as a strategic advisor and continues his passion working within a community of experts and research centres to provide project management solutions to universities, government and private sectors.